Your meals ruined, bites itchy and counter tops crawling because of your unwanted ants!

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They are unsightly, they are unhygienic, they carry bacteria and other disease type organisms, and they are walking through your home and near your food. ‘They’ are known as ants. Should you be concerned about the number of ants in your home? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that as well as being unhygienic, carriers of bacteria and potential disease, these nuisances of a pest also multiple quickly, compromise the integrity of your food and leave small mountains of dirt in your home.  

Ants are extremely social and live in large nests called colonies. These colonies are very often living in the kitchen, walls or roof of your home and other buildings; as well as the soil, trees and between rocks outdoors. Generally, the life cycle of egg to adult takes only 6 weeks, which means these pests can grow their colonies rather quickly.

There are several thousand species of ants, but common house ants are black or brown and generally 3mm long. Depending on the species of ants, some colonies have a singular “Queen” who is the only reproducing female and can live up to 15 years. Which is longer than some family pets! Whereas other colonies have multiple reproducing females and some even breed winged ants, who have reproducing males and females. During certain times of the new, these winged ants will swarm and fly to begin a new colony, possibly choosing your home as their new residence.



The ants, who are not creating even larger colonies by reproducing, are running around your home as worker ants. Worker ants build the colonies and scavenge for food, primarily in your kitchen. As these pests are omnivores, they will eat anything from the loaf of bread and fruits left on your counter to animal products, including meat. Then they take dry food back to their nest by using the trails they leave throughout your house. Here, the food is broken down with saliva and fungi to be eaten. Luckily, worker ants don’t live for as long as a Queen and usually live for about a year. However, due to frequent breeding, there are always more to take that worker ant’s place.  

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