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If you are having trouble with pests in Townsville or suspect you may have termites, then Townsville Termite & Pest Control are the team to help you get your pest problem under control. We are one of the most professional and the most reputable pest control companies and pest inspection companies in Townsville. Additionally, we have been helping local Townsville residents with their pest & termite control issues for the past 15 years.

Here at Townsville Termite & Pest Control, we have developed our proven pest and termite treatments. We have improved them to such an extent that the days of putting up with unwanted critters invading your family home or your business are now very much a thing of the past.

Furthermore, we treat pests through an integrated pest management planned approach. It is very efficient, affordable, and reliable. Additionally, we will treat pests and termites in a manner that is safe for you, your family, and your beloved pets.

Our pest & termite control services include

  • Termites inspections, treatments and management plans

  • Bond Pest Control and End of lease spray for Fleas & Ticks

  • Rodent control including rats and mice

  • Ant and cockroach control

  • Tobacco & Carpet beetle & silverfish extermination

  • Weevils & Wasps

  • Spider removal & control

  • Bird and Possum control

  • Lice & Bedbug control & extermination



Ready to get rid of annoying critters in or around your house? Call us at 0429 947 171 to get free expert advice & a no-obligation quote!


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Why cohabit with nasty pest any longer? Contact the best termite control Townsville company. We are happy to provide you with a free advice and a no-obligation quote! Some pest inspection companies and pest control companies can come with a hefty price tag. So, don’t make a decision before talking with us. From the Townsville Termite & Pest control team you will always get quick and professional service for an affordable price.

We are fully insured, licensed, and qualified pest controllers. You can rest assured that when we enter your premises, we make our clients feel as comfortable as possible with the treatments required. We will consult with you and explain what our plan of action is to eradicate the pests from your home or business.


Whether you’re in need of a termite inspection from a termite specialist, or if you’re needing help controlling rodents or other creepy crawlies, you can rely on Townsville Termite & Pest Control. No matter if you’re in Townsville City, Burdell, Kelso or Kirwan, we’ll get the job done. We service all suburbs in and around Townsville.

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Townsville Termite & Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control business in Townsville QLD. We service the greater Townsville region for pest control, termite control & termite inspection. Our expert team have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to effectively protect you and your home from all types of pests. Furthermore, we have both residential services for homeowners and commercial pest control services for businesses.


Are you after a Pest or Termite Control Townsville locally owned company that will turn up on time and have a commitment for great service? Then why not call Townsville Termite & Pest Control now. You will be surprised of the competitive prices with our quality work which is guaranteed for your peace of mind.



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If you are in need of pest control from a locally owned company in Townsville that is committed to providing great customer service, then we encourage you to get in touch with us. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please feel free to give us a call or send us a message on 0429 947 171. You will be impressed with our competitive prices and our quality work, guaranteed for your peace of mind.

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You can rely on Townsville Termite & Pest Control to supply a cost-effective and thorough pest inspection and treatment to keep nasty pests away. We are one of the most reputable pest inspection companies in Townsville.

Termite control Townsville

Protect your home by installing a Termite Management System at an affordable expense. Townsville Termite & Pest Control take care of all problems related to termites in Townsville in and around your house.

Termite Inspection

Keep your home or business safe from termites by getting a termite inspection done regularly for your peace of mind. Our expert team will also take care of termite control in Townsville for all types of clients.

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