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Importance of an Annual Termites Inspection in Townsville


Townsville is home to all economically significant Termites found in Australia. Having a Termites Inspection on your home is the first step in reducing the extremely costly risk associated with living in North Queensland. The only way to detect the presence of Termites is to have an inspection at least once a year. If your home does not have up-to-date protection installed, we highly recommend inspections 2-4 times a year. This can prevent any major damage to your property.


Why choose Townsville Termites & Pest Control for Termites in Townsville?


Today, modern Termites control products are more advanced and successful than ever before. However, Termite management still requires specialist skills and extensive experience to correctly protect your home from Termites. Determining the most effective Pest Control service or Termites Treatment in Townsville is vital in eliminating the attack on your home.


Our professional Termites Inspection and Termite Treatment team will:


  1.  Assess the situation before any Termites Treatment is considered.

  2.  Determine which Termites Treatment method or product will suit the best.

  3.  Employ experienced and qualified Termite and Pest Control technicians only to guarantee best and long-lasting results.

  4.  Fully guarantee all our Termites Inspections and Termite Management Systems work for your peace of mind.

  5.  Offer the best Termite & Pest Control services in Townsville for a reasonable price.

  6.  Ensure we are the most trusted Termite and Pest Control Townsville services companies. You can really see that in the quality of work we do.

  7.  Give superior service from a local family owned and operated business with a satisfaction guarantee.


To prevent Termites from causing a hefty repair bill for your property. Contact us to book a Termites Inspection today or we would be happy to give you free expert advice about Termites in Townsville or other Pest Control issues.



Need a Termites Inspection in Townsville for your property?


Townsville Termite & Pest Control is a locally owned family business with professional and certified Termites Specialists. We can conduct a professional Termite Inspection in Townsville. Firstly, we will have to inspect your home or business to check for any Termites. Once the Termites have been located we are be able to offer different options for treatment based on your individual needs in terms of the construction of the building and the environment. These recommendations ensure a complete Termite Management System that not only works for you but you can be assured of the quality and cost-effective value of our Termites Inspection and Termites Management System to prevent Termites from coming back.

Our Termite Management Treatments include:

  • Termidor Foam

  • Termidor Dry

  • Termidor Liquid

​The Termites Treatment Townsville system includes liquid treatments with premium products such as Termidor. These Termites Treatments may be applied on the inside or outside around the buildings foundations to provide a treated zone for your investment. It also includes Termite bait and monitoring systems. The bait stations are positioned strategically around buildings to monitor Termites activity.

Are you after other Pest Control Townsville services?


We offer a full range of Pest Control services for different types of pests, including rodents, fleas, ants, cockroaches, wasps, spiders, and beetles. We also offer an affordable Bond Pest control service for end of lease spray for fleas & ticks.

Pest Control Services

You can rely on us to supply an economical and thorough pest inspection and treatment to keep your nasty pest away.

Termite Specialists

Keep your prizes possession safe from termites by getting a Termite inspection done regularly for your peace of mind.


End of Lease spray

Find out everything you need to know about end of lease pest control and a flea and tick spray for your house.

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