A bond clean is a necessity so make us your number one pet spray choice

What is a bond pest control?

In the terms of your tenancy agreement, you may have found a reference to an end of lease pest control.  As you may already know this is common practice for many real estate agencies, especially if you have pets such as cats or dogs. We are able to provide you with a flea and tick spray for home. However, for non-pet owners, there can still be a general end of lease pest control program. The specifics of your end of lease pest control program may change between different agencies and different tenancy agreements. 

​In Queensland, The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, outlines that the renter should ensure the rental property is clean and fit for living, including managing any infestation of pests during and at the end of their tenancy agreement. Therefore, unless otherwise stated in your tenancy agreement, it may be your responsibility to carry out a pet spray end of lease. This includes the treatment of rodents, ants, fleas, spiders, cockroaches, and silverfish.   

Unwanted pests at the end of your tenancy can:

  • Spread disease because some pests scavenge for food in unsanitary areas. Fleas are also known as transmitters of disease

  • Make it difficult to get your bond back. Avoid costly tribunals with our guaranteed service; and

  • Make it unpleasant for the next tenant.

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How can I find the right company to do the pet spray end of lease?

Although your real estate agency may recommend a certain pest control service, they cannot exclude you from choosing your own pest control provider. As long as the bond pest control is carried out as outlined in your tenancy agreement, you have the choice to hire any provider you wish. Therefore, you can shop around to see which provider best suits your needs, including any budget you may have.  

​Townsville Termite & Pest Control have you covered. By using Townsville Termite & Pest Control you are ensuring you cover your obligations for getting your bond back if pest control is required.

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How do we do a bond pest control?

We understand people have busy lives and are not able to be home all the time, let alone without the time and stress which come along with moving. Don’t worry, if needed, just leave a key to the building in a discreet and safe location, such as the letterbox, under a pot plant, etc. We can let ourselves in with the key and once the job complete either place the key in the same location or lock it within the house. As for payment options, you have the option to pay in advance of time or can leave an envelope with cash somewhere in the house, such as the kitchen draw. This also applies to customers who may have moved out already

If you choose Townsville Termite & Pest Control, you can’t go wrong. Firstly, you save your time and money. We provide our quality service at affordable price. Secondly, you get an unbeatable quality. We are not only competitive in the market in terms of price however we are best in quality. And lastly, we have a service guarantee. This is also one of the major things which makes us unique from others.

When should I arrange for end of lease pest control?

You should always book your end of lease pest control to be completed after all cleaning is completed. Please ensure the Pest Control Treatment is the last thing that is done after cleaning. This is because cleaning too soon after Pest Control can wash away any chemicals used and can make the Pest Control services non-effective. Ideally, you should book you Pest Control the day after cleaning or as close together as possible.   

How do I arrange a pet spray for end of lease? It’s simple! Just contact us, Townsville Termite and Pest Control, at 0429 947 171 or by email for our effective and cost-efficient solutions.  We would be happy to give you a free quote and answer any remaining questions that you might have about pet spray end of lease or bond pest control. We've got you covered for flea and tick spray for home!

What if I decide not to do a pet spray end of lease?

Pest control is one of the small cleaning parts of our house, but we cannot afford to ignore it. The cleanliness of Termites is equally important as any other cleaning of our property. Townsville Termite & Pest Control provides the most reliable and cost-effective Pest Control services in Townsville area with assured results.

The main incentive to complete an end of lease pest control program is because if you don’t, it can be extremely difficult to get your bond back. This will cost you more money then, to pay for a pest control service, especially since you have the option to shop around and find the best value for money provider.   

​Another reason you should complete a bond pest control is because many pests spread disease and damage the property. Again, this can make it difficult to get your bond back and can be very unpleasant for the next tenant.

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