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Importance of Flea treatments

Fleas. Just the word alone is enough to make your skin feel itchy. Fleas are most know to infect your four-legged friend but can affect humans and other animals as well. In fact, the four most common types of fleas are Cat Fleas, Dog Fleas, Human Fleas and Oriental Fleas.

Although the cure for your beloved pets is often a medicated shampoo, this may not be enough to rid fleas from your also beloved home. This is because these pests nest in surrounding areas close to their meals (which is what they see you and your pets as), which is often within your carpet or floorboards. This is where fleas breed and reproduce their young, also known as larvae. The larvae are small and legless; therefore, they eat the dead skin and food crumbs which fall on your floor until they become adults.

Image by CDC

Once this nuisance pests reaches their adult size, their appearance is a very small, flattened and narrow insects. When they jump from the floor feed, these pests target your feet, ankles and lower legs to bite and feed from. Adult fleas can be very irritating to the skin as their bites draw blood to feed and the irritation comes from the saliva they inject into you. Those with sensitive skins may be extremely irritated by these pets, because the level of irritation is dependent on one’s skin sensitivity.  


Although non-flying, these insects are excellent jumpers and can be seen jumping from animal to animal. This means that once one mammal (including pets and humans) in your home has fleas, these external parasites will spread quickly to other mammals where they delve within the hair, fur or feathers to feed on blood.

Although flea bites are irritating and annoying, their presents in your home presents a far greater concern to your health. This is because these insects carry disease and harmful bacteria, which can be transferred to the mammal they bite and feed from. Also, because these pests do not have a widespread range, they generally never travel far once they have a lacked onto a food source. Meaning this unsightly pest won’t leave unless forced.

If you suspect there are fleas causing irritation and health issues in your family home or home of business, please don’t hesitate to contact Townsville Termite and Pest Control, your local pest control Townsville service, for a solution.

Importance of Tick treatments

Tick treatments are important for a number of reasons, 1 being that ticks are blood sucking parasites of not only humans but also your pets. 

Ticks are well known for transmitting diseases to humans and pets such as cats and dogs. The most popular diseases that have been transmitted by ticks are Lyme disease and Spotted Fever. 

Please remember that ticks will embed their jaws into your pets body or even yours which can lead to serious medical conditions. So please call Townsville Termite & Pest Control to ensure the safety of you, your family and your pets!

Image by Erik Karits

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