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If you have a rodent problem, Townsville Termite and Pest Control (your local pest control Townsville provider), promises to clear those stubborn pests from your home with our thorough and affordable services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, because rodents are more comfortable living with you then you may think. Rodents have adapted to live extremely close to us as they travel through fields, stores and cupboards, eat the same food as you and even your favourite Tupperware! As well as costly physical damage to your property from frequent gnawing on your objects and loss of food, these pests put your family’s health at risk as they are historically known for carrying and transmitting disease.



So where could rodents be hiding in your home? They are social animals who live in nests of groups in places close to water sources, food sources and shelter. Common places are buildings such as your house and shed, trees, rubbish bins and dumps. As mentioned earlier, rodents are accustomed to living close to you and may be in the walls, under floorboards and roof of your precious home. Although these pests may be living with you, they rarely come out in the open and always remain in cover when moving. This stealthy and cautious behaviour keeps them mostly unseen and free to build their nests and numbers as they breed extremely often.

Not much stops rodents. They have excellent climbing abilities and rats themselves are exceptional swimmers. Particularly one species of rats, the Norway Rat, has been known to climb and swim through waterways and pipes, giving you an unwanted surprise in your bathroom. Rats are also far more cunning and difficult to control, because these pests are creatures of habit and are disinterested in additional food sources, such as bait food stations. Whereas mice are more curious and will explore bait food stations. Norway Rats and mice are two of the three main types of rodents which become pest in your home, which are the Norway Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse. Although these rodents can all look and act similar, there are key characteristics which can help differentiate these stubborn pests.

1. The Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

These excellent swimmers are also known as Sewer Rats, Brown Rats and Water Rats. They are the largest pest rat species and can be identified by having a tail shorter than its body length. These large pests are the most destructive pest rodent and mainly live in your house causing damage to your walls, ceilings and other areas. Outdoors, they are found in burrows, but normally in more rural areas. They breed up to 6 times a year with up to 10 offspring at a time and live for over a year.

2. The Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)    

The Roof Rat, also known as Black Rats and Ship Rats, is the smaller species of rat pests. They can be identified by having a talk longer than its body length. Due to their advanced climbing abilities, Roof Rats often infest tall buildings in cities and large towns.  Also living for over a year, these pests breed up to 5 times a year having up to 8 offspring within multiple nests often in your walls and roofs.

3. The House Mouse (Mus musculus)

The common House Mouse, or Field Mouse, is the shortest of the three main rodents and can be identified by its pointed ears at least the size of it body length. Their colouring indoors is a darker grey and outdoors is a sandy brown. This pest can breed the most often, between 6-10 times a year, and has up to 6 offspring at one time. Although they are the smallest pest rodent, they are the optimum size to access all areas in a building including the smallest of spaces. Spaces such as your ceilings, walls and even your furniture. Whereas outside, possibly in your background or gardens, these pests nest in burrows. Luckily, mice are more curious and willing to seek different food sources, which these pests easier to catch and pest control more effective.

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