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Termites are extremely common in our hot Humid environment especially in summer here in Townsville.  


If Termites are left undetected they can cause large amounts of damage to your prized possession and leave you with a costly repair bill.

Termite Specialist with Townsville Termite & Pest Control will Inspect your home or business and be able to offer different options for treatment based on particular needs in terms of the building construction and environment to complete the full termite management system.

You can be assured of the quality and cost effective value of our systems to keep the termite at bay.

Termite Management Treatments

  • Termidor Foam

  • Termidor Dry

  • Termidor Liquid

Termite Management Systems (Barriers)

  • Liquid treatments with premium products such as Termidor.

  • Liquid treatments may be applied on the inside, outside around the buildings foundations  to provide a treated zone for your investment.

Bait & Monitoring Systems

  • Bait stations are positioned strategically around building to monitor termite activity.

Pest Control

You can rely on Townsville Termite & Pest Control to supply an economical and thorough pest inspection and treatment to keep your nasty pest away.

Termite Specialists

Keep your prizes possession safe from termites by getting a Termite inspection done regularly for your peace of mind.

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